Speech Research @ UoA

– An inter-disciplinary group of researchers all working on different aspects of speech research at the University of Auckland.


Speech Research @ UoA

We are a group of engineers, phoneticians, linguists and educational researchers, all involved in collaborations addressing different aspects of speech research.


The history of this group is strongly intertwined to the MAONZE research project and the MAONZE research group. The MAONZE group studies sound change over time in te reo Māori. Many researchers in this group are part of the MAONZE group and other MAONZE researchers also guide and support our work. for more details on the MAONZE research group and the interesting projects that they are part of visit the MAONZE Research Group website 

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Aotearoa voices

Our cool new platform where you can listen to the New Zealand English and te reo Māori voices we have developed.

Website courtesy: Chinmay Deshmukh, Kungeng Wu, Jin Kyu Kim, Ernest Wong, Kazuki Saegusa, Meet Patel, Brian Nguyen, Samantha Woon


We organised two exciting events this year! Scroll below to see us featured in media.

Māori Speech Hui - 01 JULY 2021

Join us for a conversation of all things happening in the field of Māori speech and language technology development.

Māori speech technology workshop - 02 JULY 2021

An opportunity for students to learn Māori speech and language technology skills from academics and industry experts

More fun stuff we have been upto …

exciting stuff

What’s the group upto?

Speech Research @ UoA in Māori TV

July 1 2021

The Māori Speech Hui organised by the Speech Research group and various members of the group were featured on Māori TV:





Dr. Peter J Keegan on te ao Māori news

July 5 2021

Dr. Peter J Keegan was interviewed by Te ao Māori news about the differen research initiatives the speech group has been doing in te reo Māori.

Watch the full interview here: https://www.teaomaori.news/getting-rid-cartire-pronunciation-when-siri-and-google-mean-kaitaia

Jesin James on bFM

July 6 2021

Jesin James was interviewed by bFM about the different speech technology related research activities Jesin is involved in. Listen to the full interview here: https://95bfm.com/bcast/ready-steady-learn-w-jesin-james-july-6-2021


Māori Speech Technology Workshop 2021

July 2 2021

We organised a Māori Speech Technology Workshopan opportunity for undergrad and postgrad students to learn about te reo Māori speech and language technology development from industry experts and academics. 30 students from different parts of Aotearoa attended the workshop.

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